The Denton Dream:


When the founder came to this town he was captivated by Denton’s magic. There is something special about Denton, something magical. Was it the simplicity and beauty of the town or the whole hearted generosity of its people, or was its stunning skies and enthusiasm in everyone he saw? We believe that it was all of the above and more. This town has that feeling that is hard to describe but it is a feeling that says that it is here to help you grow. Denton is here to help you do great things and for you to do great things for others.

Our Denton Promise:


Beast Exhaust promises to always have some form of business in Denton and to have some type of revenue supporting this lovely city. Our areas of focus will always involve students, social entrepreneurship and for organizations, startup businesses, or groups who deal with these topics along with supporting the well being of nature and its animals.


Our Vision for Denton:  


We see the future Denton as a city filled with trees along with the sweet aroma of flowers filling the air. We see Denton as a city that cares for its diversity of people and always willing to follow its hearts of its people. We hope to be an important part of that growth that helps connect the minds of the people with their hearts and well being of nature and its animals. Through our enthusiasm and innovative ideas we hope to create a strong, bold, creative, and heart centered Denton.


That is our Dream


Terrance Menyweather

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