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"Roar Responsibly"




What can we tell you?


What we can tell you now is that all of our exhaust products will be made from highest grade of stainless steel. We believe that you will be really impressed with the sound that BeastExh makes.


What will it sound like?

A low rumble with a hint of tone is what we are going for. We are incorporating the science of acoustics to make these sounds stand out against the rest.  When our product comes out we will be doing so on special orders only until we are capable of producing these accessories on a larger scale.


What will it look like?


To start off we are will go towards a more traditional look but as time goes on there will certainly be a organic look to our products.


Does any money go to a non profit organization?

Yes, and until our product is completed we will be donating a percentage of net profit generated from our sales to non-profit organizations that aligns best with our cause.

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